Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Year after Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

Since the quake and tsunami hit the Northeast Japan a year ago, just like many other Japanese, I have been thinking for myself what would be really important for a person facing this kind of vast destruction and overwhelming challenge.  Is it:
1)    God(s) the Almighty?
2)    Sympathy?
3)    Laughter?
4)    Noodles?
And my honest answers are 1) hell no, 2) hmm maybe, but just a little, 3) YES, and 4) YES.  As for 3), we definitely need to keep laughing especially in tough situations to gather our remaining strength to stay united and stand up.  And 4), just imagine how many vulnerable lives were saved by bowls of hot instant ramen in the shivering March weather up in north after sudden disappearance of decent yet highly civilized daily life…  Oh my noodly goodness, Pastafarianism has both of them...

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